The Bicycles

Each of our cargo-bikes is a unique piece of art assembled from “trash” (Schrott) and left overs from the industry. Every bike has its very own history, message and purpose. All of them incorporate our vision in their unique way, being a statement for a more sustainable and liveable future.

  • alternative upcycle cargo bike

    Alternative #1

    Our first prototype - The alternative to the mass produced and expensive cargo-bike, made giving new life to trash. All the materials for this bike would have been thrown away. they act as one entity, offering sustainable and fun transport. A special feature is the bay made out of upcycled broken skateboards, which provides a solid base of wooden-planks.

    This project is made completely out of reused and upcycled materials.

  • grand-reveurs upcycle cargo bike

    Vélo Grand Rêveurs

    For « Nuit de la Culture » we were dreaming big and realised our first cargo-bike with eMotor support. The bike is meant to be a real eye-catcher, promoting the night of culture in the city of Esch, Luxembourg. The bike and the trailer together are a real statement piece, taking the space bikes deserve in the street and showcasing the utility of cargo bikes. Not only that, but the bike and trailer are also real workhorses, being able to transport over 250 kgs, even across the vineyard hills of Luxembourg.

    The bicycle frame is completely made out of reused and upcycled materials, the bike components (brakes, gears, etc.) are new.

  • triumph upcycle cargo bike


    Triumph, (I used to be a table) the perfect allrounder. A simple, elegant and comfortable musclebike with front suspension, made from a discarded tableframe. The main purpose of the longjohn will be to distribute food and goods for people in need, supporting the noble tasks of Laib&Seele and the Berliner Tafel.

  • eden upcycle cargo bike


    Eden trike (I used to be a staircase) For the artist-collective « Eden Europe » and insight of “Esch 2022” we got commissioned to build this heavyduty 3 wheeler. A bike that will help the collective to bring the art performance to the streets and closer to the people.

  • vewa upcycle cargo bike


    Vewa Bike (I used to be a door) in close collaboration with « dKollektiv » in Dudelange (LU) the Vewa Bike was born. Made from 100% recycled luxembourgish steel. On a monday morning we gathered the raw materials (a steel door and waterpipes) and by friday night the frame was rolling. With a powerful 500w engine in the back and strong 220mm discbreaks, this bike constitutes the perfect Workshop- & Community cargobike. Fit for a sustainable future, longlasting and robust. We hope Vewa will move many things.


The Process

What distiguishes an UpCycle bike from other cargo-bike manufacturers is the process behind each bike from the beginning. We primarily source our basic materials and components from found/donated steel frames and different kind of tubes and steel. The origins vary massively, but most of it comes from junkyards or left overs from industrial complexes. We have already used tables, car parts, skateboards and even shopping carts. With our current methods we manage to upcycle around 90% of each bike, primarily depending on how many upcycled bicycle components we use.

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spokes in hand

Not About Us

Coming from the climate justice movement and being tired of waiting on the government’s inaction we decided to take the necessary mobility transformation into our own hands and do our part. Cargo-bikes are a fundamental part in this mobility transformation, truly shining in urban spaces and offering a healthy, fun, and useful mode of transportation. However, we should all demand of ourselves to not stop at the first possible solution, but to continually push to be more sustainable, always thinking of the future. Our small contribution to these necessary changes is by both thinking of the future of transport and using the material left behind from our overconsumption, to not contribute further to the problem. By upcycling the immense amount of left over materials from our consumption society, we can turn forgotten materials into new mobility solutions.

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people with turned over car

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